Client Testimonials

Scott Harms

My sister and I had to sell our mother's house as she recently passed. We chose Susan Redgrave at Dudum Realty based upon a recommendation from a friend of mine. We could not have been in better more capable hands. Susan handled everything. She was very prompt, excellent communication and she acted professionally at all times. She let us make our own decisions but chimed in and offered advice and direction when we needed it. In the past I have worked with other real estate agents and normally they take a look around, create a list of things that need to be done to make the house attractive and place all that responsibility squarely in the laps of the seller. Susan was not like that. She found things that needed to be addressed and she took the lead and fixed them. She had many contacts that would come over and fix things immediately. My sister and I live 45 min to an hour away from Brentwood and we found Susan's help invaluable. Bottom line we got multiple offers and sold the house above asking price due to the abilities that Susan and Dudum Realty offers. I would highly highly recommend Dudum and Susan. In fact I have already done so with my children's mother who is moving out of Brentwood soon. If you are looking to sell or buy in the Brentwood and surrounding areas, you cannot go wrong in choosing Dudum Realty and Susan Redgrave. She is fantastic.

Apr 2017

My wife and I feel Susan had went and continues to go above and beyond all expectations. We felt at times she was a mind reader. She was very accommodating to our schedule which was greatly appreciated. She always had our best intentions in mind. We can't say enough about Susan and how well we were treated through the entire process. She even dropped off cookies for Easter. She made us feel special.

Feb 2017

We met Susan Redgrave at an open house. Her level of professionalism instantly stood out to us. Susan really cares for her clients and is meticulously detail oriented. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for an agent. She zealously represented us in our transaction, and did so with a smile! Thank you Susan!

Oct 2016

She was awesome in a lot of ways, I had concerns with the home inspection service that was hired, dock lights don't work and other issues, felt the the counter offer was in favor of the buyer to push a sale (but I agreed) and did not force the seller to fix the items on home inspection report in counter offer (but I agreed). She was on top of things otherwise would highly recommend her and I'm very Happy with the House!

Dec 2016

Susan has and still continues to be an amazing support to my husband and I as we have purchased our firsts home together. She has gone above and beyond in her service to us on both a orofessijnal and person level. We are relocating to a new area....she was able to answer every question we had about the area, school districts, community, and amenities. She answered every phone call, email, text message, within moments. And not only answered every question I had, but also gave me more information than I asked for....which is so appreciated!!!! I have been so nervous about this transition in our life, and she has been my calming force in all of this. I would recommend Susan to anyone looking to buy or sell on the area...and no doubt, would I use her again. Thank you, Susan, for everything!!!!!!! We appreciate you, beyond.

Dec 2016

Susan was a please to work with. She was very professional and I felt I could trust her and she help support me through all the paperwork and decision making.